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OUT OF FRAME has been around since 1992 as a production rental house for the film and television industry. We are the professional, punk rock and roll, feel like you’ve known us forever, everybody knows your name, fun rental house with coolest, friendliest, customer satisfaction driven staff in Hollywood. A staff of musicians, filmmakers, and photographers. Who better to facilitate art than artists themselves? Recently we have expanded into a boutique stage company. A creative environment where a 1 hour shoot gets the same attention as our biggest clients. The space is filled with a positive energy that affects every shooter that walks through the door. This is a world where someone is always grabbing a guitar off the wall or out back working on our vintage motorcycles mixed with the newest designers and up and coming shooters working together to create memorable images.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rock Out with your Prog Out

Progressive rock band Final Gravity flashed stage North with their forceful front of sound last weekend for Out Of Frame's first video shoot. Just like beer and hot dogs or champagne and strawberries; OOF staff members being musicians it just seems natural to have bands shooting video's here.

When the director Charles Mumford was asked about his shooting experience with us he passed on the following: It's a dream come true for the band to work on such a professional stage. It was great having an arsenal of equipment at our disposal should the need arise. When the creative juices are flowing, it's great to know that the gear is ready at hand to make those visions a reality. Whenever we found a need for something, the guys at Out of Frame had it in our hands almost as fast as we thought of it.

Check out the band Final Gravity at:

The talent that made this video shoot happen:
Producer: Kurt Mason
Director: Charles Mumford
Assistant Director: Heather Konkoli
Director of Photography and Assistant DP: Kristian Gabriel & Roger Viloria
Stage Manager: Doug Mason
Final Gravity is: John Chominsky (drums), Mike Clark (guitar), Bill Moore (vocals) and Charles Mumford (bass)

Rock On...

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