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OUT OF FRAME has been around since 1992 as a production rental house for the film and television industry. We are the professional, punk rock and roll, feel like you’ve known us forever, everybody knows your name, fun rental house with coolest, friendliest, customer satisfaction driven staff in Hollywood. A staff of musicians, filmmakers, and photographers. Who better to facilitate art than artists themselves? Recently we have expanded into a boutique stage company. A creative environment where a 1 hour shoot gets the same attention as our biggest clients. The space is filled with a positive energy that affects every shooter that walks through the door. This is a world where someone is always grabbing a guitar off the wall or out back working on our vintage motorcycles mixed with the newest designers and up and coming shooters working together to create memorable images.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Kudo's to Katie!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting Katie Johnson for a natural light shoot in Stage 1. Meeting her for the first time I quickly knew she was one of those people that you just want to get to know better. It's her job to bring out the personalities of the people she shoots. I knew she had to be talented at doing so just because of the warmth of our first hello. Needless to say we met up later in the week for Mexican Food and great conversation. We all can not wait to see Katie's continual rise in this profession that she loves!

With two models in tow, Katie arrived with one cart of equipment and was up and shooting faster than anyone we have had here before. She told us how much fun she had shooting and recommended photographers to definitely try a stage shoot if they have not already done so. After a very short period of time she was wrapped and out the door.

When we saw the final product we were blown away that someone could pull these images off so quickly, a mark of a true PRO. Katie’s company FOTOWORKS PRO is located in Orange County they have been serving professional photographers for the past 14 years. They are a premier professional imaging service business. With these great images created on her first studio shoot you can just imagine the things to come. Also, considering Katie Johnson’s creativity, energy and professionalism I think it would be a safe bet to use her company or to hire her to shoot for any situation.

We love Katie! Check out her out on: and

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