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OUT OF FRAME has been around since 1992 as a production rental house for the film and television industry. We are the professional, punk rock and roll, feel like you’ve known us forever, everybody knows your name, fun rental house with coolest, friendliest, customer satisfaction driven staff in Hollywood. A staff of musicians, filmmakers, and photographers. Who better to facilitate art than artists themselves? Recently we have expanded into a boutique stage company. A creative environment where a 1 hour shoot gets the same attention as our biggest clients. The space is filled with a positive energy that affects every shooter that walks through the door. This is a world where someone is always grabbing a guitar off the wall or out back working on our vintage motorcycles mixed with the newest designers and up and coming shooters working together to create memorable images.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FREE Broncolor / Hasselblad Event

Out Of Frame is co-hosting an all day FREE event on Wednesday, July 21st. The link is: You must sign up in advance.

After a morning demonstration at Calumet there will be several stations set up at Out Of Frame Studios for all you photographers to get hands on playtime with. The above picture is a result of one of these stations that will be featured.

Come and enjoy. We will have a mixer at the end of the day with wine and appetizers.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hands On Bron Anyone?

You gotta touch, feel and play with something before you know if you like it. That's what Damion from Bron Imaging Group was doing in our studio the other day.

He held a workshop where photographers could come in and not only check out, but play with some of the products he rep's. Bron states that they provide the United States with Europe's finest photographic gear. Studio power packs, Sunbounce, photographic lighting equipment and much more. Now who wouldn't want to see what this is all about?

In the works is another such workshop with a party feel to it. If you are interested in attending shoot him an email so you can get on the invite list.

It's great to have new toys to play with!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Down is Up

As a child I grew up around many relatives and family friends who frequently visited my grandparents home. One set of their close friends were Auggie and Marie. When they visited they always had their son Christopher with them.

Christopher was a bit different from the other cousins and friends. No one treated him any different; he just wasn't shy and he seemed to always be having a good time. He was bigger than the rest of us but I felt like I needed to keep an eye on him because I didn't want anyone to say something mean about him. That is what was going through my 6 year old mind.

Christopher has developmental disabilities. I always felt good after seeing him and still do. To explain the way and why I felt good was hard to make sense of. Until now.

Photographer Jagatjoti Singh Khalsa shows up to do a photo shoot at our studio. I heard it was going to be for a book he was publishing and it had to do with individuals who have Down Syndrome. The name of the book will be titled "I'm Down With You". Catchy title, I was really intrigued. I made it a point to talk with him after his shoot to find out more.

His peaceful presence coupled with his enthusiasm about his work made me feel like I needed to somehow show others what he is doing. Not just for awareness on Down Syndrome, which is in the forefront, but for the spiritual identity all people need to locate inside themselves. He has found within these individuals real beauty and the way to share it with the world.

You absolutely must visit his website His story of how this book came about is more than worth reading, it's worth acting on. I am very pleased to note he said the studio space had a positive feel and really enjoyed shooting here. We all at Out Of Frame wish him the best on this project and hope to see him on the next. Truly inspiring!